Meet the owner

Ms. Raven D. Pugh, MA


Raven Pugh stands as a transformative leader blending innovation with diverse experiences. Originating from St. Louis, Raven holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Criminology from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, coupled with a Master of Arts in Education and Innovation from Webster University, specializing in Sustainability and Social Equity Studies.

Raven possesses a dynamic skill set that spans education (K-12 and Higher Education), social work, and the nonprofit sector, cultivating a profound understanding of human dynamics and a steadfast commitment to driving positive change. In 2021, Raven founded R&D Experiences LC, known as Upper Coaching, with a mission to "Up the Experience" for all. This directly reflects her desire to empower individuals and small businesses through holistic, affordable personal development coaching, and business administration services.

Beyond entrepreneurship, she excels as a speaker and author, self-publishing works like "Coach Yourself into a Better Life: The Path of Personal Development." March 2022 marked the establishment of The A. Bolden Foundation, a testament to Raven's leadership in community impact. Through scholarships, rehabilitation programs, and community efforts, the foundation advances self-efficacy for all individuals in and through the community.

Raven's leadership narrative transcends mere titles, epitomized by lives touched and resilience displayed. Her overarching mission is to guide others toward healing, unlocking their fullest potential, and living abundantly through faith and hard work.

Published Works

Coach Yourself into a Better Life: The Path of Personal Development Available on Amazon


Do It Yourself: Coach Yourself into a Better Life - The Workbook Available on Amazon