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Through Personal Development Coaching

Coaching Services Basic Information

A coach helps clients transform their thinking to create measurable solutions. Coaches can specialize in lifestyle or personal development, business, career, or many other niches. 

Coaching services are designed to help clients have a much needed "ah ha" moment to create new solutions for old problems. Coaching services are not the same as counseling or therapy because there is no diagnosis. The main goal is to help guide one into their own sense of clarity in order to have a transformative learning moment leading to revolutionary change in their life. 

Depending on your needs our services cost between $75 - $1,000. Please check out the coaching services page for full breakdown. 

Yes, we are working on a personal development minicourse for those who would like to walk through the personal development journey at any time that they please. Please check our Self-Coaching page for more information on the minicourse. 

Services are provided through phone and video conferencing and some in-person events. 

Depending on which service you selected, some services are self-paced and others can last up to a year. Please look at our coaching services page or contact us before making your selection.  

Please check the coaching packages and service options page for the breakdown of how services are distributed. 

Yes, I do offer payment plans.* Book your appointment and we can discuss. (No payment is required to book appointment.) 

Yes, I do offer a monthly group, please check out our group sessions page.

Still Need Time?  Check out the Coach Yourself into a Better Life EBOOK
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 If coaching is not the right path for you right now, please check out my other Inspirational Books to help guide you on your journey! 

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