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Through Business Administration and Management Consulting Services

Business Management and Administration Services Basic Information

Business administration management is simply managing a business' people, time, and resources. 

Every business has a unique set of needs. We work with new and small businesses to help streamline business operations to take a load off of the business owner. As a new or small business, your resources or time may be limited, but with our assistance, you can get more done with less worry.  

Depending on your needs our services cost begin at $75/hour. Please check out the business packages page for a full breakdown.

Yes, we would love to offer you a more customized package service for your business. Please check our full-service page for more information on what services we offer. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions about customization. Rates can be customed hourly or other payment terms.  

Services are provided through a hybrid approach.  

Depending on which service package you selected, service duration can last a minimum 4 hours which includes a 1-hour consultation to set up a service plan and discuss the business in detail, services can also be contracted for 6 months or longer. 

Please check the business consulting packages for the breakdown of how services are distributed. 

Yes, I do offer payment plans.* Book your appointment and we can discuss.

Yes, I do offer business speaking engagements, please look at our professional speaking page for more information.